The Sugar Technologists Association of India has awarded our chairman Shri. Nandakumar with LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD.

The Sugar Technologists Association of India has awarded our chairman Shri. Nandakumar with LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD for his outstanding contribution to the growth & development of Indian sugar industry, the 77th Annual Convention and International Sugar Expo 2019 held at Kolkata.




Special Address by our Chairman @ SISSTA 49th Annual Convention

Special Address by our Chairman @ SISSTA 49th Annual Convention

Partnership and Sustainability: Solidaridad visit

Partnership and sustainability form a central part of all we do here at Natems. We firmly believe that commercial success and positive social and environmental impact are best achieved with this in mind. Therefore it was great to spend a couple of days with our project partners discussing how to move forward with developing sustainable agriculture practices within the sugarcane community.


In line with Sustainable Development Goal #6, improving access to water is of the upmost importance, and one area that globally we are falling behind.

  • It is estimated that by 2050, more than half of the world’s population will live in water stressed regions.
  • 330 million people are affected by drought in India alone.
  • Around 600 million people in India rely on agriculture for their living and nearly two thirds of land under cultivation has no assisted irrigation, therefore relying on rain and underground water sources.


Yet it is also one area where that has been highlighted as having the biggest potential for change, where efforts need to be scaled up.


The sugarcane industry is one example of this. Traditional methods are water intensive, time consuming, entail high costs, and limit crop growth. We recognise the need for change, and to date we have reduced water usage amongst our farmers by 50%,  we predict this will reach 70% by 2020. This has been achieved through the adoption of innovative technology and close dialogue with the farming communities.


Further to this we aim to improve average yields by 150% (currently we have improved by an average of 46.5%), and increase net income by 600% (currently 200%). We understand that this alone is not enough and therefore passionately want to ensure that this materialises into real social impact within the community.


With this in mind, we met with our partners, and other representatives, to discuss how we can all work together to move forward and achieve this. In attendance  were representatives from:
• Solidaridad,
• Vasantdada Sugar Institute (VSI),
• e-Leaf,
• Osmania University,
• And the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO).


Over the course of the two days we identified the key challenges and discussed means of overcoming them. This included a field trip to visit farmers at our unit 2 plant, Zaheerabad. During this trip we sat down with a handful of farmers allowing partners to see, fist hand, the benefits the programme can generate, as well as some of the challenges we will  face.


Effective monitoring and evaluation
Accurate and consistent monitoring and evaluation were identified as being essential to the success and longevity of the project where all partners have a role to play, each bringing their own experience and expertise. We are also looking to utilise the very latest in monitoring and mapping technology to ensure the data gathered is highly accurate.


Rural entrepreneurship and green jobs
By selecting and then providing farmers with a range of machinery and technology, the programme aims to create opportunities to develop entrepreneurship. All involved believe that this opens up numerous opportunities to create multiple types of entrepreneurs whilst simultaneously improving farm practices and the livelihoods of those in the community.


Moving forward - Building strong foundations for the future
At Natems we want to ensure that the impact of the programme reaches beyond its scheduled timetable. In the meetings we discussed how working closely with farmers to implement sustainable farming methods now, sets the foundations for further development and growth in the long-term.

Financial Literacy Training Program Conducted By Natems In Coordination With Solidaridad

This programme aims to improve the knowledge of the growers on financial management to increase the profitability.

ement to increase the profitability


Drip Irrigation Awareness Program By Jain Organisation

Drip irrigation awareness program organised by Jain Irrigation system in our Natems Sugar Private Limited area villages.

Currently the farmers rely mainly on granular synthetic fertilisers

Currently the farmers rely mainly on granular synthetic fertilisers. Due to flood irrigation and random spreading of the fertiliser, almost 50% of the fertiliser applied is washed away and ends up fertilising weeds and other unwanted plants and also polluting local waterways.
By switching to liquid fertilisers and feeding this through the drip irrigation system, the fertilisers will be provided directly at the root of the sugarcane crop thus avoiding wastage, significantly reducing weeds and water pollution.
Current approx. cost of fertiliser per acre is 23,800 per acre. We have reduced this by half in the trial plots.

The drip irrigation programme benefits from the Government of India’s subsidy programme

As well as the financial benefit to farmers, the instal¬lation of drip irrigation has a major positive environ¬mental impact.

By replacing flood irrigation, less fertiliser will be used, as it is fed directly into the drip system in a targeted way avoiding wash away of fertiliser into the local waterways.

The drip irrigation programme benefits from the Government of India’s subsidy programme, making it very cost effective for the farmers to access the programme.