Solar water pumps ensures reliable availability of electricity to farmers and reduce their dependence on the erratic electricity supply from the state grid.

Our estimates show, if we replace every grid connected farm with solar power, State governement will save approx ₹26 Crores over the life of the project.

Solar power also has a major impact on the environment as it improves sustainability of the farming.

The table below shows the data for the trial.

No of farmers with drip 73 nos
Total investment per unit ₹ 5,50,000
Subsidy from MNRE ₹4,95,000
Investment support by Natems to Farmer ₹ 55,000 /unit
Grid electricity saved 20 units/day (1800 units/crop)
Money saved by AP Govt due to free electricity subsidy avoidance ₹ 7500 /crop/year
Total water generated per day 60,000 to 80,000 Litres
Area serviced per solar water pump 3 to 4 acres
Total assistance provided by Natems ₹ 40,15,000/-