CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Activities

Natems Social Welfare Society

We have formed a Society with the primary objective of providing Primary Healthcare to Employees and Cane Growers and their dependants. We propose to set up the Facility first at NSPL and then at TSL. We recognise that our Sugar Factories are located at places which are around 10 kms from our Units and that for either an emergency or treatment of common ailments would entail at least an hour’s travel. Furthermore, snake bites in the fields is a common phenomenon in our Cane Grower community.

To facilitate immediate attention to our Employees and Cane Growers, we propose to set up a Primary Healthcare Centre which would be constructed, equipped and manned to International standards. We propose not to charge the Patients any fees and meet all the capital expenditure and operating costs from the Company’s resources.

Once we roll this out in NSPL’s Unit, we propose to set up a similar Primary Healthcare Centre at TSL’s Unit as well.

Environmental Impact

Our Management View On Water Conservation