As well as the financial benefit to farmers, the installation of drip irrigation has a major positive environmental impact.

By replacing flood irrigation, less fertiliser will be used, as it is fed directly into the drip system in a targeted way avoiding wash away of fertiliser into the local waterways.

The drip irrigation programme benefits from the Government of India’s subsidy programme, making it very cost effective for the farmers to access the programme.

No of farmers with drip

Cost per unit ₹ 83,760
Subsidy from Government ₹ 65,510
Investment by Natems on behalf of farmer ₹ 18,250
Reduction in water usage 50% Reduction
Increase in yield due to improved irrigation 4 – 5 Mts /Acre
No. of acres served per unit 2.50 acres
Total assistance provided by Natems ₹ 32,62,521