The Sugar Industry is one of the most significant employers in India and is deeply intertwined with the rural fabric of the Nation. As such, running a successful sugar manufacturing business is much more than plant and machinery. Along with the investment in plant and machinery, we place a significant emphasis on developing a deep understanding of our farmers needs and provide them the tools required to improve their livelihood. We want to have a “Long-lasting, and sustainable positive impact” on the livelihood of our farmers. Natems Sugar is one of the youngest sugar companies in India, established with the aim of identifying and acquiring underperforming sugar factories with significant growth potential and develop them by investing in increasing capacity and improving performance. Our core strengths are our ability to plan and invest for the long-term, deploy our significant technical know-how, exploit our international business expertise and network in introducing and adopting best in class technologies in sugar manufacturing, value added products, farming methods and business practices.

Our aim is to develop a long-term partnership-based relationship with our farmers and employees while bringing financial benefit and stability for all. Our welfare is intrinsically linked with the welfare of the farmers. Given this, we do not see farmers’ welfare programmes as a mere (expand CSR) activity, but instead a core focus of our business. We look forward to the future with optimism and fully understand our responsibility to all our stakeholders, we will stay focused on delivering positive results to all our stakeholders.